The Band

Musician Producer – Shubaby Schuler

  Mother (Winifred Schuler) was a concert Pianist. At ten years of age, Shubaby started piano lessons. At fifteen he operated an AM radio station out of his bedroom, also he was a ham radio listener.

After high school, Shubaby attended Berean Institute for basic electronics, OIC and Bok night school for electronics I & II. Shubaby also worked at Gottlieb Electronics fixing radios and TV’s, not knowing that one day he would have a career within these two disciplines.

When digital recording became the standard, Shubaby was there and very comfortable working in that domain.

Shubaby traveled the world as the keyboardist for some of Philadelphia’s most famous singing groups. He also scored three independent films, “Temptation at midnight” (1998) and “Life isn’t easy” (2007) and “Happy Holidaze” (2009).

As a songwriter, Shubaby wrote with Poogie Hart, Allan Felder, Vinnie Barrett and others, He also wrote many songs with Ron Tyson. Shubaby said his favorite with Tyson is “Ready for love” sung by Esther Williams (RCA). He also wrote “I’d rather be by myself” sung by David EBO (Roulette), which stayed on Billboard’s chart for 17 weeks. Shubaby wrote the music and Joe Freeman (from the singing group the Ethics aka The Love Committee) wrote the words.

Coming full circle, Shubaby is well known in the R&B/Hip-Hop community as a producer, producing artists like Mally Geez, Paradise, Diggs, B Lino, Montego Bay and Millhouse, Lady Mushy, As Yet (who went on to become “As Yet Untitled”), Ray Lyrics.

Shubaby is founder and executive director of the American Musicians’ Resource Network, Inc., (a non-profit organization) that operates seminars, workshops and lectures on publishing, copyrights and how to get paid in the music industry. He’s on the board of Artist for Recovery, a non-profit organization that helps recovering addicts in the music industry.

Shubaby’s life is about music, but he also likes to cook, surf the web, listen to ham radio, play chess and hang-out at The Clef Club (Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing arts).

Played keyboards for: Archie Bell and The Drells (Houston, TX) Blue Magic (Philadelphia, PA) Billy Paul (Philadelphia, PA) Bunny Sigler (Philadelphia, PA) Double Exposure (Philadelphia, PA) Eddie Holman (Philadelphia, PA) Gentle Persuasions (Philadelphia, PA) Harold Melvin

Drums and Percussion Instruments – Nax Wolfgang Steel


Nax Steel is a musician in the East Coast area. He plays drums and percussion. He is versed in all styles of music, from Classical, Blues, R&B, Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop, to Latin and Big-Band. He has worked with David Murray, Sonny Stitt, Grover Washington Jr., The Catawba Symphony, Lenny & the Soul Senders, Bobby Lenti, Red Alert and Cee Knowledge and the Cosmic Funk Orkestra to name a few.

Saxophone and Clarinet – Frank McKitty

Frank started on the Clarinet in grade school in order to get to study the Sax, his first love. He studied Sax and Flute at Loyola University in New Orleans. Charlie Parker was a major influence, and he studied Sonny Stilt and Coltrane. Frank has worked in many musical settings during the past 25 years, including with Eddie Daniels, Bobby Shrew, Loren Schoenberg, Kombu Combo, and his own Quartet.

Bass – Adolphus “Fletch” Fletcher

Fletcher was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware to a family of musicians. Like many great musicians he got his start in the church. As a child he and his family sang and played at many churches and coffee houses throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Fletch studied with Robert “Boysie” Lowry jazz music teacher-philosopher-sage of Wilmington, Delaware (and teacher of Clifford Brown). Today, Fletcher is a certified elementary school teacher. His motto is that learning should be fun. He carries that over to laying down the bass. From Gospel, to Jazz, to Rhythm and Blues, Fletcher has been having fun playing bass in the region for more than thirty years.

Guitar, Bass, Keys – Myles


Myles was born into more then a musical family. His mother, Kitty Mayo, brought many varied musical influences to his life through her career as a singer, pianist and songwriter. Beginning at the age of 11, Myles studied classical piano with Jeff Marlowe. 4 years into his classical piano training, at the age of 14, Myles began formal Jazz and Classical guitar with Frank Dibussolo. If you listen to Myles play, you may begin to feel his sheer talent out weights his musical literacy and technical expertise. All his influences are heavily reflected in Myles’s music.

Myles joined CBS Recording artist Roughhouse in 1990. Today, Myles is concentrating on marrying his influences to create a unique and rich Rock and Roll sound.


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